If you have been vegetarian or vegan for a while, you have probably tried to either make “meatballs” or bought the premade kind in the store. The biggest challenge that they face is not the flavor or texture, it is the consistency, in my opinion. I have noticed that they break apart much easier when they are cooked in the sauce. But that can be remedied by another method of preparation. And that is to serve over the sauce rather than in it.

However, there is one other problem with most store-bought “meatballs”. They contain soy and there are some people that are not able to eat soy. Or if you are vegan, some have dairy. So, we went in search of a substitute that was meat free, soy free, and dairy free.

We found Bahama Soy Free Rice Meatballs, Tuscany Italian flavor. Each “meatball” is about 1oz. and there are eight in each package. They are made with a meat substitute that is rice based instead of soy. It also has kidney beans and green lentils, which provides some good protein. The other nice thing about the ingredients is that people with wheat and gluten allergies don’t have to worry because it’s free of those ingredients too.

Preparation was very simple. Since they are pre-baked, it’s just a matter of heating and serving. You can heat them on the stove, in a conventional or toaster oven, on the grill, or in the microwave. We chose the oven method. Then we added them to our plates of spaghetti over the sauce, since we were afraid they may break apart like other brands did in the past.

The texture and consistency was really amazing. They held together really well. We might even trust these to be heated completely in the sauce next time. The opinion of flavor was a little divided. I felt that they were a little bland. However, other family members felt that the flavor was very good. I think that they would have tasted better if I had cooked them in the sauce where it could have soaked up more flavor. And I believe this brand would have not fallen apart in the sauce. We decided we would definitely give it a try next time.

The texture is really good.
The consistency also is really nice.

Depending on how you like your food seasoned, you may find these to be bland unless heated in spaghetti sauce