You know, tabouli salad isn't really hard to make from scratch. It's just, sometimes you've had a long, hard day at the office and you want to have something for dinner that tastes like you made it from scratch, but didn't.

Fantastic Tabouli Salad is just one of those dishes that tastes homemade. We've tried several brands and Fantastic is the one we keep coming back to. It's made with organic ingredients and we like that. You'll add some of your own ingredients which helps to make it taste freshly made.

You'll need to add tomatoes, olive oil and fresh lemon juice. We ususally add a bit more lemon juice than it calls for because we like it slightly more tart. And the reason for that is because we like to serve the tabouli salad with pita bread wedges and hummus. It gives the meal a little kick!

We spread the hummus on the pita bread wedge first and then add the tabouli salad on top of the hummus. This is a great light supper anytime, but especially during those hot summer months. This tabouli salad is also great on the side with falafel pita sandwiches.