From Bute Island Foods

 Whether you have been vegan for a long time or have recently made the switch, you know that there are certain things that we give up for the good of the animals, the planet, and ourselves. Most of us do this lovingly and without regret or a second thought. The family here at Wacky Vegan World understands this. So, we do the same as everyone else--search for the best vegan products.  

Recently, I went to my local health food store for the weekly shopping trip. I always seem to discover something new. This time I saw a product that I had heard about when I was researching veganism years ago. I had always wanted to try it, but my local health food store didn’t carry it before. It’s called Bute Island Foods Ltd Sheese. I decided to purchase the Smoked Cheddar flavor with a $6.50 price tag. After all, I had waited years for this moment!

I got it home and opened it immediately. The first thing I noticed is that unlike most vegan cheeses that contain soy, it seemed to have a solid, dry consistency.  It was not sitting in any water or liquid. It was what I remember block cheeses feeling like. It is round and roughly about an inch thick. I sliced a thin piece off and tasted it plain. Instantly, it reminded me of Smoked Gouda. I didn’t think it had much of a cheddar flavor. In my dairy-eating days I used to eat Smoked Gouda on French bread. So, I sliced another piece and put it on top of a piece of crusty vegan bread. That definitely brought back memories. The last "test" I put it through was to melt it on top of the crusty bread. It did not melt the way dairy cheese does, but it did become soft. However, I am use to vegan cheese not melting well now since becoming vegan.  The only other thing I did notice about it is that it had a slight after taste. If you can get past that (which I did not have a problem with), this is a great cheese! It is certainly something that I will continue to have on special occasions.

Great Taste!
Great Consistency

Slight aftertaste
Does not melt well